Zithromax 500mg
How does Zithromax work?

Antibiotics are the best treatments that are used to cure ear infections especially in children. In most cases, parents prefer delaying the ear infections because sometimes even without antibiotics, they get better on their own. According to the health professionals, there are specific recommendations of how the antibiotics can be used depending on the situation because other infections do not require antibiotics. When a doctor feels that you should use antibiotics, then the first option for a child is Amoxicillin, but if the child is allergic to it, then there are other options including Zithromax, which can also be changed when the child has no improvement.

Before giving Zithromax to your child, you should know that Zithromax only works on ear infections that are caused by bacteria. If the ear infection is caused by viruses then Zithromax cannot cure it at all. You should also know that Zithromax does not relieve you of pain and it does not get rid of the build up of fluid in the middle of the ear, which is the source of that chronic ear infection. Zithromax should be strictly taken as directed by a doctor because when it is used excessively, it can greatly interfere with the beneficial bacteria in the body that can in turn lead to recurrent infections.

Zithromax has been widely prescribed by most of the doctors for several infections that are caused by bacteria because it blocks the capability of the immune system to develop natural resistance by lowering its exposure to the bacteria.

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